If Computers are so Smart, Why Can’t They Fix Themselves?

Computers are much smarter than we give them credit for. We think they can fix most technical problems or common user errors without a great deal of human intervention. Don’t get us wrong; humans are important! Computers are simply more efficient. Whether you’re an enterprise with 10,000 employees, an IT Outsourcer with 15,000 customers, or a cable provider with 250,000 subscribers, we can minimize routine issues. At the very least, we can make them easier to fix without over-working your help desk. This will help your company to become more efficient and save money.

How do we do it? It starts with a smart concept we call “support automation.” This means we help computers repair common everyday problems. In some cases we help users fix their own problems so they don’t have to call your help desk. And for those truly complex issues, we make it easier and faster for your support staff to reach a prompt resolution.

Here’s how it works: We designed our solutions to detect, diagnose, and resolve technical problems quickly by using relevant data to narrow down the issue so it’s easier to resolve. Depending on the challenge, this might include a behind-the-scenes adjustment, a self-service action or a service desk intervention.

Overall, we think the results are pretty spectacular. Our customers see dramatic improvements in how quickly issues are resolved, how much their support costs go down and how satisfied their users are. You’d be surprised by how easy it is for you to achieve these feats.

We’ve Been Teaching Computers to Fix Themselves for a Long Time.

We were the first company to teach computers to repair themselves. After ten years, we now help over 55 million desktops worldwide do the same thing—only better. Despite the rapid advances in computer technology, we continue to find better ways to ensure problems are fixed.

SupportSoft is now Consona CRM

In June 2009, SupportSoft products became part of the Consona CRM family of software solutions. The same great applications from SupportSoft are now available from Consona CRM, and you'll also find them integrated into Consona's suite of customer management, help desk and knowledge management applications.

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